PARTNER WITH THE Virginia Mason Memorial Downtown YAKIMA MILE

We believe we all have have a duty to get involved in our community, and in passionately doing so, we improve the lives around us. We have worked hard to bring this event to Yakima because it is difficult proposition, which makes it worth doing. When Yakima is better, we are better.

When someone asks, "What are you doing to improve the lives of the people around you," we are able to emphatically answer this question. At the Virginia Mason Memorial Downtown Yakima Mile, we answer this daily and we invite you to join us!


The Downtown Yakima Mile was created to provide a local opportunity for all individuals to live, train, and run. It is more than a race name, it is a goal to create a healthy community for us all. We believe in a Healthy Yakima and partnering with Virginia Mason Memorial, our mission with this event is to provide an exceptional experience and to strive for health and wellness regardless of age or ability.

OUR Inspiration

We are working with the Yakima School District to bring in critical dollars to create a Positive Youth Development program. Research has shown that the behavioral patterns established during this developmental period help determine young people’s current physical and mental health status and their risk for developing chronic diseases during adulthood. A fun and accessible event, such as the Virginia Mason Memorial Downtown Yakima Mile, can inspire the youngest generation to be active with some healthy competition. Partnered with a year-round Positive Youth Development program, we can not only have a positive impact on the children of today, but also the families of the future.

How you can help


The Downtown Yakima Mile is our way of showing an investment in our city.


The Downtown Yakima Mile relies on the help from donors like you to make a lasting impact in our community. Engaging with the Downtown Yakima Mile will provide significant visibility at one of the premier one mile road races on the west coast. Runners and spectators from near and far will be in attendance to enjoy and celebrate healthy lifestyles and great competition. Partnering with the Downtown Yakima Mile will leave a lasting impression on the community and will demonstrate your business’s commitment to providing a healthy live, work, play environment in the Yakima Valley.

For sponsorship questions, please contact the Event Director, Michelle Blanchard

"Don't run with your legs, run with your heart."

- Dean Karnazes

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